Who knew that New Year could be sophisticated? Not me

Who knew that New Year could be sophisticated? Not me.

Starting the year in Tier 4 meant that NYE was going to be a household affair. And there is nothing this household loves more than a Persian spread.

We’re talking kebabs, grilled peppers, flatbreads, homemade hummus, padron peppers, tzatiki, hot green chilli sauce and the star of the show, Artichoke dip.

This is a meal we love so much that we once had it 3 times in one week. That’s a whole lotta chilli sauce 🥴🥴

We make everything from scratch, apart from the tzatziki because we’re yet to find a recipe that tastes better than shop bought.

The lamb/beef kebabs are so good, I’d put them up there with how good a doner tastes after a night on the bevs. 10/10. Tom makes these and uses the Persian Mama Kebob Koobideh recipe.

We’ve grown the padron peppers in our polytunnel this year so even these aren’t shop bought – just one of our summer batches defrosted from frozen.

But as I say, the star of the show is the Artichoke dip. Stay with me on this one because when I first read the recipe, I thought ‘there is no way I’m gonna like that’, I’m not sure I was even entirely certain what an artichoke was. But Tom loves artichokes so as the great gal that I am, I thought we’d test it out. That was 9 months ago and now we don’t have guests round without it. Don’t be put off by the fact that Artichoke is the headliner – it may be in the title but the real star is the parmesan. This dip is basically just molten cheese that is turned green by spinach, so it must be healthy right?? You can find the recipe in Jessie Ware’s Table Manners tablemannerspodcast 😋

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