In Lockdown 2 (that’s the November one for whoever’s lost count

In Lockdown 2 (that’s the November one for whoever’s lost count) we needed something to spice up our Saturday evenings, to make sure we didn’t get too bored of being at home. So I came up with the idea of theme nights – we’d each take a Saturday, choose a cuisine and cook something we’d never made before. It was a great success!

With Claire’s birthday coming up, we thought it would be a great idea to get her a present that meant we could do theme nights all year round.

Last June for Father’s Day I bought my Dad a the_spicery Friday Night Curry Discoverer subscription. He and my mum have loved their monthly spices that arrived in the post and encouraged them to cook completely new recipes they’d have never thought of before.

This seemed like a great idea for Claire and when I went on their site, I found that we could buy a World Kitchen Explorer version – perfect!

This is our second package from the Spicery and this time it’s a Trini Stew Beef with Lime Pepper Sauce – plus a Sweet Bread for dessert.

The meals are always compiled of lots of different components which is what makes it so exciting. Usually we’d just cook one main meal and that’s it, whereas The Spicery gives you different condiments and side dishes to make that really compliment the dish and help you to pair flavours you might not usually think of. For example, this Trini stew is accompanied with an apple dish – not something I’d usually consider!

This Stew was beaut!! A very aromatic winter warmer with a good heat throughout and side dishes that made the meal feel complete. Even I as a reluctant veg eater couldn’t get enough of the butternut squash mash and spiced green beans. 8/10.

If you’ve got a birthday coming up and you can’t think of a gift, I would really recommend these kits. It gives you an evening activity to do as a family, with a tasty reward at the end. The perfect Saturday night!

The photo of my plate shows: Trini Stew Beef in the centre, Nutmeg Butternut Squash Mash at the top, then to the right is the Apple Kuchela and Lime Pepper Sauce, ed by Spiced Green Beans and Rice.

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